We’ve got some incredible news!

Broken English: Firsthand Immigration Stories has officially partnered up with Que4 Radio here in Chicago! We could not be happier with this arrangement. Every Wednesday night at 6pm on Que4.org, TuneIn or 1680am here in Chicago we’re recording the show live on the air for thousands of people to hear. Each episode is then edited down and released as a podcast later that can be accessed from every major podcast source.

Being a radio show means Broken English is recorded at a much higher quality than ever before. Higher sound quality ultimately translates more consistent listens and spreading the word is the goal here.

On The Go?

We are currently on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn and Google Play.

Each week I’ll release a previously recorded episode for the world to hear and share.

Broken English is always searching for new guests to be on the on the show so if you’ve immigrated to the U.S. or know someone who has and they would like to share their story feel free to contact me (Andrew Mahar) at brokenenglishpodcast@gmail.com or through the Contact Page.

Thanks for listening!