Episode 1: Miguel (Mexico)

Hey! I’m beyond excited to release the first episode of the podcast!!!

I’ve been working on this project since last May. It’s been almost a year of tracking people down and recording them and I am happy to announce that I have most of Season 1 recorded and ready to release.

Miguel came from a small town in Mexico at the age of 12 and crossed the desert into arizona with nothing on his back but food and water with his father. His story covers his actual journey across the border and his years here since including how he became a citizen. We talk about his past, present, future and Trump!

Please keep in mind that this was recorded during the election so Trump hadn’t won yet. Oh boy what a surprise!

Please listen, share and enjoy this first episode and don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes, StitcherLibsyn and Google Play!

See you next week with a woman who came all the way here from South Africa!

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