So I’ve started a WordPress site for a way to post new episodes of Broken English: Firsthand Immigration Stories. I plan to interview people who have immigrated to the United States and have a story to tell. It started with me at 20 years old, listening to a Cuban co-worker’s story of coming to America barely speaking english but learned and thrived. For the first time I saw how intense it can be to just move your entire family to a foreign country that was beginning to believe it was full. My great-grandparents came from Europe but I was told those stories too young to understand the struggle. They’re just doing whatever it takes to survive and lead a better life than before. That’s what this podcast is set out to capture. I’m looking to show people the human side of the “Immigration Problem” the U.S. has created for itself. These people are more than a statistic at a political rally, either being used to in a positive light or a negative. They’re humans who are fighting for their children to know a better life then they ever saw. The first stories I was ever told was over a few beers and I’m going to continue that style of conversation. We’re going to have a few drinks and tell some stories. Thanks for listening.

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